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Explore Brands at Carrington Optometry in Calgary

Whether you need reading glasses, contacts, special lenses, or classic frames, we have you covered!

Bausch Lomb

For ultimate flexibility, choose from daily disposables, monthly lenses, and specialty lenses. Bausch + Lomb provide the natural feel of Biotrue and the clarity of Purevision.


At Bellinger House, Danish design excellence reaches its zenith. These meticulously crafted frames redefine eyewear aesthetics, committed to shape, fine details, and vibrant colors.

SaintLaurent black

Saint Laurent, known for luxury and sophistication, offers eyewear that embodies timeless style. Their craftsmanship is refined with avant-garde design for every modern individual.

Gucci Black

Gucci is known for its legacy of style, global influence, and trendsetting. Each frame is designed with their legacy, using iconic Italian craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics.

Ray Ban

For decades, Ray-Ban has been the epitome of effortless cool and timeless appeal. Their iconic eyewear combines innovative design, superior craftsmanship, and a dash of rebellion.

Adin Thomas

From classic to edgy, these frames give you freedom of expression. With a variety of colors and shapes to choose from, Adin Thomas frames are designed with individualism in mind.

Alcon Vector

Ciba lenses are a comfort game-changer. They’re made with advanced technology, the comfort of Air Optix, the beauty of Colour contacts, and the versatility of Daily Total 1.


Hoya offers a wide range of premium lenses including single vision, progressive, sunwear, and specialty lenses for both children and adults.


With special-designed CRT lenses, Paragon offers a non-surgical solution for myopia. Worn overnight, these contacts gently reshape the cornea's curvature so you can wake up to a crystal-clear world.


Izumi frames harmonize clean lines and creative styles, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Japan. They strike the balance of functionality and aesthetics, with Japanese artistry.


Inspired by their renowned notebooks, Moleskine frames are effortlessly portable, laying almost flat when folded. These frames are the perfect fusion of fashion and practicality.

Life Italia

This children’s eyewear brand provides the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and fun. These hypoallergenic frames are comfortable, yet strong enough for childhood adventures.


Superflex proves you can still have stylish, durable frames on a budget. Their collection offers a wide variety of frame sizes that suit every face shape, ranging from kids to adults.

Entourage of 7

This Los Angeles-based luxury brand offers a unique and high-end collection of frames and sunglasses. Entourage of 7 frames exude timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship.

Cooper Vision

Enjoy diversity and convenience with CooperVision. They offer Biofinity monthly lenses, MyDay daily lenses, Proclear specialty lenses, and MiSight myopia management lenses.

Eco Eyewear

From frames and lenses to accessories and packaging, Eco is committed to combining comfort with sustainability. Protect your eyes and the environment with a negative carbon footprint.

American Optical

For over a century, American Optical has been part of American culture, even worn by JFK. With quality and innovation, they continue to provide classic style, right here in Canada.

Vision Avenue

Designed in Montreal, these frames combine fashion, function, and longevity right here in Canada. In fact, all frames are named after Canadian streets. Which street is yours?

Zeiss logo

Zeiss has many options for lenses, including single vision, progressive, driving, office and sunglasses, from traditional design to individual customization.

Scott Harris

This eyewear effortlessly combines traditional charm with contemporary flair. From vintage-inspired designs to modern aesthetics, Scott Harris frames cater to individuals with style.

Jnj vision

Whether you experience astigmatism or have sensitive eyes, Acuvue, by Johnson & Johnson, offers lenses tailored to provide exceptional comfort and precise vision correction.

Michael Ryen

These distinguished frames were meticulously designed for men. Crafted with a blend of premium metals, including titanium, Michael Ryan eyewear is durable and lightweight.

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