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Eye Emergency

Emergency eye care

We offer same day appointments for any symptoms of ocular emergencies which include sudden blurred vision, sudden loss of vision, tunnel vision, sudden flashes or floaters, painful red eye, foreign objects in the eye or chemical contact.

Please contact us at 587.837.EYES (587.837.3937) if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms.

Our difference

There is a difference between the colours orange, tangerine and marigold as there is between the numbers 3 and 8 on the smart board. The changes in how we see can be subtle, noticeable or unmistakable and at Carrington Optometry we understand how vital this is to our lives. We invite you to experience your life with clarity and come see the difference.

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    Personalized Care

    At Carrington Optometry we understand you have unique needs, styles and budget constraints. Here, you won’t be rushed, sold to or forgotten. Come check us out!

    We love what we do

    We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve clear vision in style. We are thrilled to offer unique brands that’ll make you look twice.

    Ocular health first

    Your ocular health is a window into your overall health. At Carrington Optometry, we’ve invested in the latest technology to help you take care of your eyes.