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Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exam

An eye exam is so much more than reading the chart on the screen. Did you know there could be problems with the health of your eyes even if your vision is 20/20? Your ocular health is a window into your overall health and routine checkups help monitor and track any changes. Comprehensive eye care involves thorough history taking, testing with up to date diagnostic and imaging techniques as well as co-management with your other healthcare providers. Early ocular health changes are most easily detected with annual eye exams.

Children’s Eye Exam

Your child’s first exam is recommended at 6 months of age and yearly thereafter. Children, especially when young, are often unaware that they are experiencing problems with their vision. This can impact their ability to learn and affect their performance in school. Headaches, squinting and rubbing of the eyes are signs to book an appointment. The earlier you bring your child in, the earlier treatments can be implemented to manage vision related issues including lazy eyes and myopia (nearsightedness) progression. Read more about how Carrington Optometry specializes in Myopia Management.

Diabetic Eye Exam

Yearly diabetic eyes exams are recommended even if you are borderline diabetic or your diabetes is under control. If your sugar levels fluctuate or are hard to manage, more frequent monitoring is recommended to track any changes and limit potential complications with your eyes. Alberta Health Care covers your yearly diabetic eye exam.

Contact Lens Exam

Finding the right contact lenses means more than just your prescription. A proper assessment involves assessing corneal health and fitting lenses specific to your eyes for maximum comfort. There are options available for astigmatism, multifocals, coloured lenses, dry eyes, ortho-keratology and even myopia control. Carrington Optometry is a certified MiSight lens dispenser as well as a certified Paragon CRT dispenser. Whether you need an option for an active lifestyle, sports, a big event or a holiday, book your appointment today.

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