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Myopia Management

What is Myopia?

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a condition where distant objects appear blurred while near objects remain clear. Related to both genetic and environmental factors, it is the result of progressive lengthening of the eye. These changes can lead to health implications later in life including glaucoma, retinal disease, and cataracts. The good news is that myopia can be managed from a very young age.

Myopia Management

Are you worried about your child’s increasing nearsightedness at each visit? Do you have myopia yourself and want to spare your child the associated struggles? Carrington Optometry has invested in technology that supports early indicators of myopia. Although there is no cure, there are interventions available and the earlier they are implemented, the more successful management is.


A simple way to prevent the start of myopia is to balance indoor and outdoor time. When indoors, ensure your child keeps an arm’s length distance between their eyes and what they are reading or viewing. Regular breaks are important!
Yearly eye examinations and axial length testing are key in monitoring for myopia.


There are specialized therapies available including soft contact lenses, specialty glasses, medicated eyedrops and ortho-keratology. To ensure success, treatment is personalized for your comfort and individual lifestyle needs. Contact us today for a myopia consultation to find out how we can help your child, teen or even yourself.

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