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Eye See… Eye Learn™

Eye See… Eye Learn™: Kindergarten Eyecare at Carrington Optometry!

If you have a little one in or about to start Kindergarten, they can get free eyeglasses with Eye See… Eye Learn™! This program, by the Alberta Association of Optometrists, helps your child receive the eyecare they need during kindergarten at no cost to you. At Carrington Optometry, we’re proud to be a participating optometry clinic.

How Eye See… Eye Learn™ Works

Alberta Health already provides free eye exams to anyone under the age of 18. Eye See… Eye Learn™ will cover the cost of your child’s frames, lenses, and a case, and their pair of glasses will come with a one-year warranty. Any child in kindergarten who starts in August until they begin Grade 1 is eligible.

Benefits of Eye See… Eye Learn™

  • Early Detection. Approximately 25% of children start school with an undiagnosed vision problem! Detecting issues early can help them avoid added difficulties at school.
  • Academic Success. Poor vision can affect a child’s performance in school. Addressing their eye health can help them engage more and absorb information better.
  • Boosts Confidence. With better vision, your child can feel more confident participating in class and fun activities with peers.
  • No-Barrier Access. Since Eye See…Eye Learn™ covers the cost of your child’s glasses, and AHS covers the exam, your finances can breathe easy. There are no hidden surprises or fees. Just support for your family!

Kids often don’t know they struggle with their vision. By being proactive with their eyecare, you support their success from a young age.

How to Get Glasses for Kids at Carrington Optometry

The process for your kindergartener is easy.

  1. Book an eye exam with us to determine if they need a prescription. AHS covers 1 free exam per year for anyone under 18.
  2. Have fun browsing from our wide collection of frames for kids
  3. Collect your child’s frames when they’re ready!

To get started with Eye See… Eye Learn™, book your child’s free exam at Carrington Optometry!

Click here for more information about Eye See… Eye Learn™!

Psst… Are You a Teacher in Alberta?

Eye See… Eye Learn™ loves to work with educators in the classroom. Click here to learn more about bringing Eye See… Eye Learn™ to school!

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